About us

Yufeng Chemical is the leading manufacturer of hexane and alkane series chemicals with more than ten years of management experience on alkane series chemicals.

With extremely competitive resource advantages, we have established long-term win-win raw material relationship with Daqing Petrochemical, Jinzhou Petrochemical, Liaoyang Petrochemical, Panjin Petrochemical and Jilin Petrochemical to ensure the production of high quality chemicals. Our products include hexane, n-heptane, cyclohexane, n-pentane, A-grade cyclopentane, isohexane and isopentane. We have more than 560 large-scale corporate customers in 23 provinces We have self-support tank vehicle logistics team to ensure the safe and timely delivery of our products.

In hexane and alkane fields, we have 5 large-scale cooperative production units across the country to ensure the timely, sustaining and stable supply of our products to the customers. We integrated the specialized business model to make our company the largest enterprise in alkane series chemicals field in our country.

We are the leader of a number of domestic market segments:
●  One of the largest hexane manufacturers;
●  One of the most comprehensive alkane chemicals manufacturer;
●  One of the largest alkane series exporters;
●  We are the supplier of many well-known brands, such as Arawana.

With our leading market position, high production capacity and partners all over the country, we are able to provide vegetable oil, pharmaceutical intermediate, rubber and electronic cleaning industry enterprises with high quality products and services.

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